Buying my first pair of high-end headphones

headphones buying guideSo… maybe it’s just me or this type of thing happens to most of us, but whenever I’m buying some new gadget or whatever i get so caught up in all the options I have that I end up wasting so much of my time without even getting to buy something.

Like for instance, this is what happened when I purchased a pair of high-end wireless TV headphones I really wanted. I think I spent almost a month looking through online stores and review websites before I finally was able to make up my mind. So where to buy wireless headphones for TV?

Yeah sure, review sites really help alot because they provide you with information that’s really hard to find out about on your own. Well… because they test so many products…

And speaking of headphones I don’t what I would do without them when I’m running or at the gym. I’m always watching out for online promotions and such and I managed to get my hands on what were at that time the best bluetooth running headphones on the market here in the US.

And if I remember corectly I also saw them on this review website in their best headphones under 200 list. You’ll find the best bang for your buck headphones available right now.

I mostly listen to rock and roll music but for the newer generation who’s more into the rap/hip-hop heavy bass music you can easily get your hands on probably the best bass headphones out there by setting up some price alerts on price comparison sites.

I did that when I bought my PS4 and I managed to get it at an extremely low price. Anyway I think I’m gonna end this right here. Cheers.